MIC - Mountain Immersion Coaching

An immersive experience in the mountains to have personal growth, challenge yourself and find yourself.




Immerse yourself in the woods and listen to yourself

What will be done during these days?

Yoga, trekking, canyoneering, hiking in the wilderness, coaching training, the via ferrata, adventure park with tyroleaners, induction into the gorges from pain to dream and most importantly, time for you, to listen to yourself and breathe clean air. 

You will sleep in a beautiful chalet surrounded by nature, meet new people who, like you, have decided to take the time to find their voice.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll overcome your fears and you’ll always be followed by mentors. Everything will be easy and natural, and in the end you will release your inner energy.



Live a unique experience, get out of your routine and listen to your voice


Check out the experiences you'll have at MIC


The reasons are many, but the first is you


It is not true that there is no time. Give yourself a moment to yourself, to regenerate and get out of the usual mechanisms of everyday life.


Sometimes we need to challenge ourselves to break the barriers we have created for ourselves. Know your fears, face them and overcome them.


Regain your focus, listen to your voice.
Through healthy, challenging and fun activities and coaching classes.


I am Cristiano Vitale

I have a competitive background in athletics, tennis and alpine skiing, specialties in which I am a teacher and Federal Level I coach. 

I am the author of the book “Happy Despite Everything” and I am a Life & Business coach, a graduate of MICAP (International Master in High Performance Coaching). 

I started out as a certified public accountant and auditor, but since 1997 I have worked as a consultant in the tourism industry and as a trainer. I have traveled extensively and been the ski coach of entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, ministers and members of royal families, observing unique paths of success up close, drawing inspiration and inspiration for my work and studies. But most importantly, I am a man who feels happy and fulfilled when he can transfer something to others that can inspire them.

Get out of the routine and listen to your voice



By participating in MIC
you will receive these bonuses as a gift

Bonus 1

MIC Gadgets

We have prepared a cap, T-shirt, a k-way and other gadgets for you to take with you beyond the experience.

Bonus 2

Video Experience

During the 4 days of MIC, a professional video maker will film the experience, and at the end, you will have a personal video souvenir for yourself. In fact, each video will be made with filming and editing designed for each individual participant

Bonus 3

Book "Happy Despite Everything"

By participating in MIC you will get my book “Happy Despite Everything. Start over: being, wanting, doing.” You will learn how to deal with everything that undermines your joy, your health, your well-being, but most importantly you will learn how to take care of you in body and mind.

Bonus 4

4 coaching sessions

After the 5-day MIC, you will have the opportunity to take a course of 4 free coaching sessions. You will do this together with professional coaches.

Reserved for event participants

Telegram Channel

A community where you can continue to grow and compare notes.


Updates on events, courses and methods from which to draw inspiration.

Confidential discounts

Discounts on events, courses and more reserved for participants.

Testimonials from those who have already participated in MIC events

Who has worked with me before

Alex Birman

Number one in Brazil in the world of women's luxury shoes...designer and entrepreneur

Coby Richter

Former fighter pilot, war hero, scientist entrepreneur, perfected saving thousands of lives heart stents

Ken Howery

American entrepreneur and diplomat. He is co-founder of PayPal and Founders Fund.

Odessa Rae

Actress and producer of investigative reporting such as "Navalny" winner sel sun dance festival

Patrick De Smedt

Belgian businessman who has been at the helm of 9 different companies including Microsoft EMEA

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Leave a deposit of 250€.

As a gift, just for you, a Life Coachingmasterclass preparatory to the event

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Included in the final price

Money back guarantee

I want to assure you that in case the course does not meet your expectations, you can be refunded.

Choose the event to attend

MIC June 21-26

1500€ instead of 1750€*

*If you block your place by May 31, 2023
with a 250€ down payment

MIC July 12-16

1500€ instead of 1750€*

*If you block your place by May 31, 2023
with a 250€ down payment

SHORT MIC July 7-8-9

750€* instead of 1250€*

*If you block your place by May 31, 2023
with a 250€ down payment

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You may be wondering:

Will I be able to take on all the challenges/activities without risk?

Of course, each activity is designed to be tackled by everyone, safely and without any kind of judgment.

From what age is it possible to participate?

Children 12 years and older can participate in MIC accompanied by their parents or in the case of organized groups, with a proxy. MIC is open to everyone, from juniors to seniors. The important thing is to be able to sustain a mountain walk and have a desire to grow and challenge yourself.

What is left out of the final price and therefore my responsibility?

Breakfast, dinner, travel, local travel, snacks and dinner on the last night.

Still in doubt?

Book a 15-minute call with me to clear your doubts about MIC


I want to receive the complimentary video

You will receive Cristiano's video course on persuasive communication that has changed the way dozens of people communicate with immediate results...

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